The Tenzing Expert Network is more than 600 strong – and growing. Tenzing individually recruits these seasoned executives and practitioners for their specific expertise across the value chain and for their proven record of results.

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Many consulting firms rely heavily on process, analytics, and smart, young, hard-working people – with virtually no real-world experience. In contrast, Tenzing’s Expert Network represents a vast reservoir of know-how to quickly solve problems using strategies proven in real-life situations – not just in theory.

The Tenzing Expert Network is a powerful way to augment and extend the capability of a client team. Whether a client needs spot consultation on an issue, a complex strategy, coaching, and development, or an interim executive, Tenzing has the flexibility to meet that need with the right expertise at the right time.

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The Expert Advantage

  • Over 600 experts
  • 15-20+ years professional experience
  • Industry leadership experience
  • Top consulting firm experience
  • Track record of results
  • C-Level-to-shop-floor credibility

Our Distinctive Business Model Enables Client Flexibility

Tenzing’s business model enables us to work flexibly with clients to deliver the value they need the way that works best for them.

Our teams serve clients differently than traditional firms:

  • Player-coaches that help build client capability while delivering results
  • Flat teams of experts with hands-on experience versus a traditional pyramid team structure
  • Willingness to adopt or adapt client’s internal processes and methods and make them work

Our business serves clients differently than traditional firms:

  • Creative commercial terms including pay-for-performance and pure contingency options
  • Ability to integrate with other services firms to collaborate in the client’s interest

Strategic Business Partners

Process Research & Optimization

Tenzing’s strategic partner, Process Research & Optimization (PRO), have combined to create a powerful new offering that combines extensive, deep content on critical business processes with leading-edge process design and simulation technology.
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The Hackett Group

The Hackett Group is a global strategic business advisory and operations improvement consulting firm that are the leaders in best practice advisory, business benchmarking, and transformation consulting services for strategy and operations, working capital management, and globalization advice.


BGA is a National Affiliate Network of seasoned professional services firms dedicated to providing Corporate Development and Generational Transition Solutions and Family Office Direct Investment Services, to assist the owners of private companies to grow larger and more valuable businesses.

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Our vision for Tenzing Community is to build a social network among industry and consulting practitioners with a common bond: passion for improving, optimizing, and perfecting the Value Chain – everything that happens between an organization’s suppliers and its customers. Tenzing Community will be dedicated to the open sharing of ideas, information, and know-how, and opportunities that advance our practice, serve our clients and help each other.

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Tenzing Consulting is building the world’s most powerful network of experts that span the value chain from operations through supply chain and procurement. We are over 600 experts strong and growing – come join us!