What We Do

For more than a decade, clients have chosen Tenzing Consulting to improve performance across the value chain. Tenzing’s integrated approach delivers significant, rapid, sustainable, financial, and operational improvements. Tenzing’s experience and know-how enable us to build our client’s capability to sustain improvements for the long-term. Our integrated approach across the value chain unlocks greater value with measurable results in 3 to 4 months.

Tenzing Integrated Approach

Capabilities Spotlight

  • Interim Leadership & Recruiting
  • Category Sourcing Expertise
  • P2P & ERP Implementation Support
  • Private Equity Support
  • Rapid Improvement Teams
  • S&OP Strategy
  • Supply Market & Analysis Strategy
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Asset & Inventory Optimization

Interim Leadership & Recruiting

Delivering Results. Building Capability.

Driving sustainable results requires building internal capability. Tenzing's unique Expert Advantage integrates interim leadership, coaching, and recruiting services to deliver results NOW while building the team of the FUTURE.

The Expert Advantage

Our Global Expert Network is comprised of nearly 700 experts across every operating discipline from operations through supply chain and procurement. Our unique Network curation and extensive Expert Network enable us to partner with clients to identify, search, recruit, and deliver key leadership globally.


Tenzing’s Recruiting practice delivers professional search capabilities that can stand alone or complement our Interim Leadership. As a stand-alone service, Tenzing offers a full range of professional recruiting planning, execution, and onboarding services. In addition, we can integrate Recruiting with Interim Leadership to coordinate the replacement of our Interim Leader with a qualified permanent hire.  In this case, the Tenzing Interim Leader can add tremendous value to the hiring process by helping define the role and hiring specification more accurately, be an effective member of the interviewing process, and ensuring a "soft landing" and a fast start for new hires during onboarding.

Interim Leaders

Tenzing's Interim Leaders are qualified executives and managers with hands-on line experience who are available on short notice. In filling today's capability gap, our Interim Leaders ensure delivery of current results while coaching your present team and guiding the process to acquire and onboard a permanent leader. Tenzing's Interim Leaders matter when a company faces:

Unplanned Executive Departures.

Sometimes people leave when you least expect it – and when you can least afford it. Even if a company initiates the separation, a Tenzing Interim Leader can quickly fill the gap and keep operations running seamlessly. 

Extended Permanent Search Process.

Finding the right permanent executive takes time and getting it right is well worth the time invested. In today's highly competitive executive market, successful searches can take up to a year. Tenzing's Interim Leaders are available within a few weeks and typically fulfill their role for as long as needed giving you the time to find the right long-term executive.

New Role Creation.

During a reorganization, companies often create new positions, such as a first-time CPO role to lead procurement across a multi-divisional organization or Category Managers to drive category strategy and sourcing. A Tenzing Interim executive or manager can quickly assume the mantle of leadership pending a permanent hire or provide coaching support to an internal candidate unfamiliar with the position.

"Fractional" Executives.

Private equity firms are often looking for top-notch executive talent to support their portfolio companies. Yet, their portfolio companies are sometimes too small to support a full-time executive, such as a head of supply chain. Private equity companies are now deploying Tenzing interim executives on a shared basis across their portfolios, so each company has the benefit of senior talent while sharing the cost.

Category Sourcing Expertise

Strategic Insight and Sourcing Execution.

Achieving industry-leading sustainable savings requires truly understanding the markets in which you are sourcing, and clever strategic thinking. Effective execution requires experience, know-how, technical expertise and the ability to improve business results through the collaborative engagement of stakeholders.

Tenzing’s category expertise combined with our strategic sourcing capabilities allows us to unlock hidden value for our clients and sustain improvements for the long-term. Our Category and Sourcing Expertise delivers:

  • Sustainable bottom line savings
  • Improved supply chain and reduced risk
  • Market-leading category strategies
  • Increased business engagement and alignment

Category Expertise

Tenzing’s industry leadership and depth of expertise has produced successful client engagements covering every aspect of category management. A sample of our category experience includes:

Direct Materials:

  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Batteries
  • Castings
  • Electric Assemblies
  • Electrical Components
  • Electronics
  • Fasteners
  • Food Ingredients
  • Forgings
  • Industrial Gases
  • Injection-Molded Plastics
  • Engineered Wood
  • Machinings
  • Motors
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Stampings
  • Wire & Cable
  • Wire-formed Parts


  • Construction
  • Contract Entertainment
  • Engineering Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Insurance
  • IT Services
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Telecom
  • Professional Services
  • Print Services
  • Tank Maintenance
  • Temp Labor
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Travel
  • Uniforms
  • Vineyard Management

Indirect Materials:

  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Capital Equipment
  • Commercial Print
  • Corrugated
  • Direct Mail
  • Gaming Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Industrial Gases
  • IT Hardware
  • Lab Supplies
  • Labels
  • MRO
  • Office Supplies
  • Packaging
  • Point of Sale Materials
  • Promotional Items
  • Store Fixtures
  • Vehicle Parts

P2P & ERP Implementation Support

Enabling World-Class Performance.

Companies continue the implementation of ERP and P2P solutions to improve operations and provide faster customer response. According to Gartner, nearly 50% of these implementations actually deliver what the organization thought they would receive when the system went live; rendering many of these costly projects as failures.

Implementing business management software is an extremely complex process that takes careful collaboration, significant systematic planning, expert know-how and a tried and true business process. It requires involvement from stakeholders at all levels within an organization, from executives to end-users.

Tenzing Consulting provides extensive experience for technology enablement from the high-level Project Management Office (PMO), to experts that understand common pitfalls while setting up business and functional requirements. Our teams help during the RFP and contracting processes to ensure you define the scope of work to include only the elements you really need. Additionally, during implementation we can be the experienced voice to provide solutions of how to meet business requirements within the constraints dictated by the software.

The impact of Tenzing’s support results in:

  • Customer savings during the negotiation and contracting process
  • Increased success in on-time deployment
  • Real-world “voice of reason” during implementation

Private Equity Support

Global Experts, Interim Leaders, and a Flexible Business Model Drive Sustainable Value for Private Equity Firms



Private Equity firms often need experts with in-depth operational know-how to quickly diagnose and address performance issues in their portfolio companies.

Interim executives have also proven to be invaluable as leaders of operational transformation or to implement strategies that are critical to the investment thesis.

That is why leading private-equity firms, including KKR, CD&R, CVC, Sun Capital, and others, have turned to Tenzing's Expert Network and Interim Leadership Solutions to drive superior, sustainable returns.

•  Over 750 Tenzing experts globally with experience in virtually every industry. 

•  Interim executives available on short notice to quickly fill critical open positions.

•  Recruiting and search support to build a strong permanent team to sustain the operational improvements and build     long-term value.

•  Functional expertise spanning operations, supply chain, procurement, and strategy.

•  Flexible engagement model to fit the unique needs of each firm or portfolio company.


A major mid-cap private equity firm shared interim CPOs and Supply Chain Leaders across a diverse industrial portfolio. The interim executives worked closely with operating partners and CEOs to drive over $20 million in sustainable EBITDA impact in less than nine months.

Private-equity firms deploy procurement category experts, in areas ranging from chemicals and logistics to food and glass, to cover the capability gaps of other leading consulting firms serving their portfolio.

Interim Supply Chain Leader worked with mid-cap distribution CEO to turnaround operation and hire new supply chain team in 90 days.

Interim procurement and supply chain team worked with COO of an industrial services company to build strategic supply relationships and a strong operating platform while reducing supply cost.  The effort led to the discovery and ultimate closing of numerous high-value, spin-off acquisitions from suppliers.

An e-sourcing expert worked shoulder-to-shoulder with over a dozen portfolio companies using leading procurement technology to source over $350 million in materials and services, saving nearly $40 million and leaving them with the capability to sustain the program into the future.


Rapid Improvement Teams

Results in Days...Not Months.

Tenzing expert know-how makes it possible to see results within days not months. For many smaller-scale organizations, and larger enterprises where issues are very clear and localized, Tenzing Rapid Improvement Teams are a high-velocity, high-impact approach to getting results. Rather than taking weeks or months to analyze and mobilize around a problem, Rapid Improvement Teams, move quickly to assess and immediately put practical improvements in place. Often within days, clients can begin to see improvements across their value chain – the plant floor, a quality lab, the loading dock, etc. Using a combination of proven methods (e.g. Kaizen), known Leading Practices, or good old-fashioned know-how, Tenzing Rapid improvement Teams drive laser-focused sustainable results fast.

S&OP Strategy

ROI Optimization.

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP or SIOP), when effectively executed, is the very heart of a high-performing business. It is the governing process by which all contributors to business performance assess, decide, commit, and execute a fully integrated plan to deliver business results by serving their customers profitably while optimizing performance of their assets: people, equipment, capital, and more.

No one knows this better than Tenzing’s experienced team of expert S&OP practitioners. Our S&OP experts have designed, implemented, and actually run S&OP processes in dozens of companies both as consultants and more importantly as line executives in companies whose performance depended daily on S&OP to deliver business results across a multitude of industries. Tenzing experts bring a rigorous, disciplined, yet pragmatic approach to S&OP informed by known best practices and tempered by real-life experience. We help our clients:

  • Design an S&OP process and planning cycle that ensures crisp, fact-based decision making among all functions from sales to supply chain and production.
  • Develop goals, plans, and metrics to ensure that business results are achieved—from forecast accuracy to perfect-order rates to OEE—the entire Value Chain must perform effectively from end to end.
  • Evaluate business results in each cycle and deliver closed-loop feedback to continuously improve the S&OP process and operational execution.

Where our clients seek to design their first true S&OP process, improve an existing process, or integrate S&OP across business units, Tenzing has the know-how to accomplish the task.

Supply Market & Analysis Strategy

Market Knowledge is Power.

Deep understanding of supply markets are key to solid category strategies. Often clients are faced with a key category with challenging market conditions or a great amount of spend at risk. By leveraging the Expert Network, Tenzing provides deep insight into these markets, often identifying segments where savings are possible even during difficult conditions. While analyzing markets we look for current opportunities, but also ensure we are documenting changing conditions and how they will affect markets in the future. Additionally, Tenzing will capture risks if identified.

Whether for a single category, or across an entire spend portfolio, deep market knowledge is critical for successful category management. The impact of Tenzing’s support results in:

  • Thoughtful segmentation of the market
  • Opportunities for savings
  • Identification of any supply chain risk issues

Industry Experience

Tenzing Consulting provides deep functional and industry experience to meet the needs and priorities of our clients. Our Expert Network has helped clients succeed across various industries including:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Airlines
  • Automotive
  • Casinos & Gaming
  • Chemicals/Resins
  • Consumer Products
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Government/Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Diversified Manufacturing
  • Medical Equipment
  • Mining
  • Non-Profit
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail
  • Semiconductor
  • Technology/Telecom
  • Utilities

*Partial List

Business Process Optimization

Tenzing Consulting and our partner, Process Research & Optimization (PRO), have combined to create a powerful new offering that delivers extensive, deep content on critical business processes with leading-edge process design and simulation technology.

Together, Tenzing and PRO integrate three unique capabilities:

1. Enormous Database of Best Practice Models.

From over 30 years of consulting practice and research, we have built a database of hundreds of best-practice processes models. Virtually every major business process across most industries is encompassed in our knowledge base. Every process model is thoroughly documented with known leading processes, common issues and opportunities, and key performance metrics. These process models enable us to dramatically accelerate analysis of current-state processes and develop future-state designs.

2. Extensive Team of Process Experts.

The Tenzing Expert Network of over 350 industry and functional experts know these processes inside and out. Our experts bring to our clients deep insights and know-how gained from years of hands-on experience. This is what brings best practices to life and enables us to develop practical solutions that deliver results fast.

3. Leading-Edge Process Modeling and Simulation Technology.

Tenzing and PRO not only map processes, we model them. All of our process models, as well as our clients’ current and future workflows, are built in the new open-source modeling language called Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0). Unlike static Visio or PowerPoint depictions of processes, ours are dynamic models of processes run in simulation to test process capability, run multiple scenarios, and identify weak points BEFORE “go live.” This speeds time to implementation and lowers risk driving greater return on investment.

Asset & Inventory Optimization

Driving Operational Excellence.

Cash is often captive in unnecessary assets and inventory restricting opportunities for growth and impairing the balance sheet. The implementation of an Asset and Inventory Optimization strategy has led to substantial cash generation, fulfilment improvements, and increased customer satisfaction enabling companies to drive more profits. Effectively managing inventory requires a carefully-planned and structured approach. Tenzing Consulting applies its expertise and know-how to optimize inventory levels for complex and global supply chains delivering rapid results and lasting value.

The impact of successful Asset and Inventory Optimization results in:

  • Improved customer service levels
  • Increased asset utilization
  • Increased one-time cash impact
  • Increased competitive advantage

“We now have new and better talent on our supply chain team, and these people are still using the processes and structure that Tenzing put in place… Every time we go back and audit the results from the Tenzing engagement last year, they are still there.”

– Glenn Coulter, Masonite International