Access our executives & experts

Clients access our global network of senior Executives and Experts when they have a time-critical need for hands-on execution and leadership. Unplanned executive departures, new roles to fill fast, or complex initiatives to lead are all reasons companies turn to Tenzing for the right experienced professional to get the job done.


Unplanned Executive Departures

Sometimes people leave when you least expect it—and when you need them the most. A Tenzing Interim Executive Leader can quickly fill the gap and keep operations running seamlessly.

Extended Permanent Search Process

Getting it right is worth time invested in a year-long search for executive talent. While searching, you still need a leader to run the show. Tenzing's Interim Executives are available on short notice to give clients time and hands-on support to find the right long-term executive.

New Role Creation

During a reorganization, companies create cross-divisional roles to lead a new, multi-divisional organization. Tenzing's experienced Interim Executives quickly take charge of the role while assisting with the permanent search or coaching an internal candidate unfamiliar with the position.

“Fractional” Executives

Private Equity firms are looking for top-notch Executive talent to support their portfolio companies. Individual portfolio companies are sometimes too small to support a full-time executive. Tenzing can deploy Fractional Interim Executives across a portfolio of companies, so each company has the benefit of senior talent while sharing the cost.


Category Leader

Effective Category Management is the key to sourcing success. Tenzing Category Experts step in when launching a new category management organization, rethinking a category, or filling out a team. Our curated network includes hundreds of experienced sourcing leaders covering virtually every industry and category.

Advanced Analytics & Modeling

Beyond spreadsheets...Interpreting data is the essential element to data analysis. Tenzing's team of Experts have actual industry experience using advanced techniques and tools to better understand, decide on and solve complex problems—from manufacturing simulation and cost modeling, to network optimization and tailoring a custom solution.

Project Leader

Tenzing provides just-in-time project leaders that have expertise and hands-on experience to take charge of a critical project and deliver impactful results.

Deep Expertise

See how far a little Expertise can take you! Access expertise for a few days, weeks or an hour or two. The breadth of Tenzing's Expert Network is extensive and deep—airline maintenance cockpit interfaces, sausage casing technology, and online jewelry merchandising and many, many more.

How to get started

Tenzing offers expertise by connecting you with seasoned industry leaders to help you drive performance and achieve lasting results.