Build your capability

Tenzing is committed to helping our clients achieve sustainable results. That means helping clients build their own capability. Our Experts’ real-life experience help clients design organizations that work, coach people to better performance, and recruit the talent they need to succeed.

Results-Based Coaching

Results-Based Coaching (RBC) is a structured process that supports an employee meet their current business objectives while simultaneously achieving their development goals. Designed in the field in collaboration with a Tenzing client, RBC forms a strong partnership between the employee, their manager, and their coach that goes far beyond training.


Tenzing’s professional search capability leverages our industry and functional Expertise to recruit talent in areas where we have hands-on experience. Sometimes internal HR and traditional search firms struggle because they do not fully understand the roles they are recruiting for.

Practical Organization Design

Building capability sometimes means designing a new organization. Many consultants rely on theory and “best practices”—knowing what others have done is certainly helpful. But when you have actually run organizations, you know what works. Tenzing Experts apply their real-world experience to ensure that a new organization is effective in practice, not just in theory.

Positions We Recruit For

  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Category Manager, Commodity Manager, Portfolio Manager
  • Operations: Vice President, Director, Manager
  • Procurement: Vice President, Director, Manager
  • Supply Chain: Vice President, Director, Manager

How to get started

Tenzing Consulting offers expertise by connecting you with seasoned industry leaders to help you drive performance and achieve lasting results.