7 Key insights
every CPO should know
about MRO

Got MRO?
These 7 MRO Insights cover fundamental strategies to help your company navigate the complexities of this category. The MRO market is estimated at $1.7 trillion annually - $200 billion of which is in the industrial segment – make sure you’re optimizing MRO for your company now and for years to come.

Conclusion: Tenzing Experts + The MRO Framework

Tenzing MRO experts have instant credibility at the storeroom, maintenance, and production level because they can walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk; they have lived all dimensions of MRO management.

They understand what parts are for and how they are used. There is no sense in establishing supplier relationships that the plants aren’t going to use – it is critical to evaluate spend, identify critical onsite spares, and establish strategic partnerships for other parts so that production can continue unabated.

At the same time, MRO experts have an executive level of comfort that allows them to tie together plant level requirements and corporate objectives into one seamless plan. It is a common practice to include an assessment of each client’s needs when conducting an optimization initiative – and this includes identifying critical leaks of tribal knowledge so that they can be stopped and supplemented.

Tenzing derived a best-in-class MRO Framework from years of experience at many organizations. By following this framework, companies can successfully manage the complexities of MRO. Tenzing MRO experts are also available to help organizations navigate the nuances of the model.

Though often an afterthought, your MRO approach takes on strategic importance, especially in competitive markets. Work with experts have deep experience from both MRO suppliers and MRO global sourcing perspectives. Find experts that understand the MRO supply market and directly relate to MRO stakeholder requirements.

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The MRO team should have expertise in developing, coaching, and implementing business-specific sustainable TCO programs from spend analysis, rationalization, standardization, total costs identification, stakeholder engagement, cost savings program development, supplier alignment, strategic sourcing, supplier partnership negotiations, and TCO supply partnership implementations.

Tenzing's MRO Process

Contributing Experts

Steve Andrews –Steve is an accomplished expert in strategic sourcing, supply chain optimization, M&A synergy capture, PMO, S-2-P/P-2-P /CLM/ Enterprise IoT.

Melissa Beuc –Melissa is an adept B2B leader with a proven track record for developing ideas and implementing action plans that drive revenue growth, relevant leads and customer acquisition.

Francois Gau –Francois is an accomplished and results-driven Business Executive with broad based expertise in strategy, development, marketing, sales and operations.

Pat Higgins –Pat is a management consultant and entrepreneur with experience working across Fortune 500, private equity, mid-tier companies, and small businesses.

Greg Schuth –Greg is a results-oriented executive leader and management consultant with proven track record of delivering sustainable operational and financial improvements across a diverse base of global clients.


Founded with a vision to build the most powerful network of Experts in the world, Tenzing is the fresh alternative to traditional consulting that many clients have been waiting for.

We are senior experts that roll-up our sleeves and get our hands dirty working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients while transferring our know-how along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

The Tenzing MRO Framework provides a great roadmap for strategically sourcing your MRO. There are 5 high-level steps which include Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. As part of the first step, Define, the team should “Assess and Align.” Get a broad perspective of the number of facilities, amount of spend, data sources, key contacts and stakeholder community. But most important is to start the conversations and engagement with the people who run your plants. They have deep experience, knowledge and ideas which can be used at other facilities.