Founders Forum: The “C” Word

CONSULTING—it’s in our name. 

CONSULTING—it’s in our name. CONSULTANT—it’s what we often call ourselves and what our clients call us. But does it really capture who we are and what we do? We think not. In fact, until clients get to know us, the “C” word sometimes saddles us with the unfortunate negative connotations that persist in some clients’ minds.

As a firm and across our community, Tenzing is out to change our moniker and our mindset. The “C” word is no longer on our logo and only sparsely on our website. You will rarely hear it in our conversations. We are EXPERTS—a fresh alternative to traditional consulting.

As true experts, most of our curated network have worked for traditional consulting firms or alongside traditional consultants.  You know the difference. While consulting skills are highly valuable to any expert, our value is rooted in how we deliver our expertise to move the needle for a client. Our ability to apply 15 to 30 years of hands-on experience and real-life know-how is what makes a difference. A Tenzing client CEO recently referred to us as “refreshing.”

Consulting firms will always be part of our “ecosystem.” We have enormous respect for them, many of us learned our craft there—we are just different. Some of our closest business partners are the best-known consulting firms in the world.  Their clients seek and highly respect the value that they bring.  The “feather in our cap” is the fact that these firms choose to partner with us because we are different.  Even they recognize that their clients need something more. And, as a Tenzing Expert, bring it—everyday.