Sharing Moments Touched By Tenzing Karma

Tenzing Karma Defined:

We have all heard of karma. Tibetan Buddhism is practiced by the Sherpa people and karma is their belief that all of our actions, speech, and thoughts affect our future in ways we cannot predict or comprehend. At Tenzing, we have come to believe in Tenzing Karma, which is our way of interpreting the many inexplicably fortunate and just-plain-lucky things that happen to us at Tenzing.

In this inaugural Karma Korner, I’d like to share a chance meeting I had two years ago at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere—the Pine Creek Tavern in Colorado. In the winter, you can only get there by cross-country skiing or horse-drawn sleigh. My friends and I stopped for lunch during a cross-country skiing excursion, and I noticed Nepalese dumplings, called momos, on the menu. I asked our server where the chef is from and she told me the chef is from Nepal and offered to introduce me. The chef is a woman named Sarala Sherpa. When we were introduced, Sarala was curious why a guest would want to meet her, but was gracious nonetheless.

I couldn’t help but tell her about our firm and how we named it, at which point a radiant smile illuminated her face. She was proud to tell me, and I was excited to learn, that her son’s name is Tenzing. I vowed to send her a Tenzing memento.

Two years later, I returned on another skiing trip and presented her some Tenzing logo gear. She was just as gracious as before…and the momos were amazing as always.