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Need to Transform Your Organization? Ask Your Customers.

Through a structured “voice of the customer” analysis, Tenzing provided a new supply chain executive with the insight required to build a blueprint for a high-performance organization.

New Role, New Challenges

The client company, a $4 billion performance materials manufacturer, was composed of four independent business units supported by a central corporate management structure. The company had recently promoted a new executive to lead the Global Procurement organization. In assuming this new role the executive faced a number of challenges:

  • Functional inexperience: The executive’s background, while strong on business leadership, included no procurement experience.
  • Organizational instability: The Global Procurement organization had a history of high executive and middle management turnover…the new executive was the fourth leader in as many years.
  • Poor perception: Global Procurement had lost the confidence of the business units and was widely perceived as a tactical corporate function that contributed limited value.

Capturing the Voice of the Customer

The company engaged Tenzing Consulting to help the new executive accelerate the development of a “blueprint” for transforming his organization. The first order of business was capturing the “voice of the customer” from the internal stakeholders served by Global Procurement.

In two weeks, the Tenzing Consulting team conducted more than 40 confidential interviews with executives globally across every business unit. These structured, in-depth interviews were designed to gather input on Global Procurement’s capabilities, contributions, and opportunities for improvement. The interviews were also used to identify any potential barriers and risks to successfully transforming the organization to a high-performance function.

From Feedback to Insight

In the third week, Tenzing Consulting shared the results with the Global Procurement executive. Clear imperatives for the organizational transformation had emerged:

  • Improve strategic alignment with business objectives and internal stakeholders
  • Implement objective performance metrics to measure and communicate contributions
  • Develop an effective communication program to promote improved collaboration
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities across the organization
  • Upgrade talent and bench strength to improve capabilities and develop expertise

These improvement themes defined the desired end-state of the organization. Using this insight, along with additional supporting analyses, Tenzing Consulting helped the new executive build a detailed blueprint for an organizational transformation program.

Client Benefits

The company found the “voice of the customer” approach valuable for several reasons:

  • Coverage and speed: Interviewed more than 40 executives, synthesized and presented results in a three week period
  • Third-party objectivity: Resulted in candid and constructive feedback from internal stakeholders
  • Extended communication capability: Opened up the lines of communication across the business units, extending the
  • Global Procurement executive’s ability to listen and respond
  • Support for change: Tenzing Consulting revisited each stakeholder with a summary of findings and helped create buy-in for the organizational transformation plans
  • Clarity: The process provided the company with clear direction on where to focus their efforts to evolve Global Procurement into a more strategic business partner

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