Tenzing COVID-19 Guidance

Published: March 17, 2020

Downloadable Version: Tenzing COVID-19 Guidance_2020.03.17


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

With the global COVID-19 outbreak continuing to build and presenting an unprecedented challenge both to our clients and to us, Tenzing would like to offer guidance on how to navigate in the current environment. Our first priority is to ensure the health and safety of all the people with whom we live and work. It is also important that we continue to deliver the value our clients are counting on. We hope that these guidelines will help us fully achieve both of these objectives.


  • Practice Respectful “Social Distancing.” Reduce your personal risk and that of our clients and colleagues by using “social distancing” and good hygiene practices:
    • Work remotely if you and your client can. Otherwise, keep necessary face-to-face meetings small and short.
    • Book a larger room than needed to allow enough physical space between participants.
    • Do not go on client site if you feel ill or have outward symptoms of illness (even if it is a common cold).
    • Refrain from handshaking or other physical contact.
    • Wash your hands frequently (20-Second Rule).
    • Clean Tenzing and client work surfaces before and after use.
  • Maintain a Human Connection. Use video calls as much as practical to keep a human connection with each other and our clients. Since we will not be seeing each other as much, let’s use video more to maintain our bonds with friends, colleagues, and clients.
  • Do The Right Thing For Yourself. If you are uncomfortable with the risks associated with your travel, contact Tenzing immediately, so we and the client can accommodate you.
    • This is critical if you are in a higher health risk group, e.g. diabetes, chronic respiratory conditions, etc.
    • It is also important if your travel may put someone else in your household at risk.
    • Take into consideration the risk of being stranded at your travel destination.


  • Client Policy. Most of our clients are developing their own policies. They are also updating and communicating them regularly. Make sure you know what their policies are and follow them scrupulously. Please communicate to Tenzing what your clients’ policies are and how you/they are handling the situation. This will help us all be well informed, spot trends, and promulgate best practices.
  • Government Mandates. As a global team, we all live and work in many different countries whose policies vary greatly depending on culture and their specific experience with the current outbreak. Always follow completely the legal requirements of your home country and local government. Also, make sure to understand and comply with the requirements of the countries to which you will be traveling. If your home or client government requirements vary dramatically from Tenzing guidance, let us know so we can accommodate those differences.


  • Pittsburgh Office Team Considerations.
    • Work from home as needed to ensure the health and safety of yourself, your family members, and friends.
    • Let us know if you have any family members who are ill. If so, please work from home.
    • We will clean our office daily to minimize the risks to ourselves, each other, and visitors to our space.
    • We now have ample disinfecting cleaning products in the office.
  • Get Creative To Keep Our Value Going. Think creatively to keep the valuable work we are doing for clients moving forward. Assure them that, despite the current situation, we are leaning in to help them keep their programs on track. We will be using remote communications more and flying less, so think of alternative ways to engage with clients wherever possible.
    • One of our colleagues is planning to drive his RV to the client and “camp out” so he can avoid flying, be available to the client as needed, and even bring his wife along—a triple win!! That’s what we mean by creativity and commitment to the client.
  • Communicating Within Tenzing. For our experts in the field, your primary contact will be either the Partner leading your engagement (Frank, Howard, Bill, or Thom) or your Staffing Lead (Rikke, Lata, or Karen). If you are not sure who to contact, call me 24/7 on my mobile number (412) 337-7432.

I am confident that we will be proud of how we persevered during this challenging time. We will emerge on the other side as stronger individuals, a stronger team, and a stronger firm.

Let’s get through this together!