Tedx Salon: Social Entrepreneurship

On August 9th Tenzing Consulting Founder and Director, Bill Angeloni spoke to a group of well over 100 passionate participants at the TEDxSonomaCountySalon held at the Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, CA addressing the topic of Social Entrepreneurship.

In his presentation, Bill reflected on his experience as a "serial” entrepreneur, and how some of the lessons he’s learned applies to social entrepreneurship.  In particular, defining an investment return, and how this can be challenging in the social space.

Earlier this year, Tenzing had the privilege of being part of a project funded by a philanthropist with two social passions, 1.) how to stop hunger in the United States and 2.) how to stop waste, in this case, food waste.  The project allowed Tenzing to make our debut into social entrepreneurship.  The project team developed and implemented a game-changing supply chain strategy for food banks to get more and healthier meals by distributing mixed produce. 

The strategy, which went live in July, allows for receiving truckloads of bulk produce at a mixing center where it is broken into smaller portions more suitable for individual food banks. The food banks get greater variety and can produce healthier meals for their customers. 

Angeloni speaking

Tenzing Consulting Expands Operations and Expert Network in European Market

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our operations in Europe to better support our global clients and to expand our services and client opportunities in the region. Since 2002, our firm has served clients globally, and we continue to receive consulting requests from around the world. As a result of recent efforts, today our European team is more than 80 strong and growing. We have representation from 13 European countries, across 20+ industries, speaking over 15 languages. Our potential for growth across Europe is vast, and we will continue to increase the size of our Expert Network to provide deep expertise combining local knowledge with a global presence.

“The network effect at Tenzing is incredible. Not only do many of us enjoy longstanding professional relationships, we also bring the relationships we have with other experts and top tier consultants to the network. We have a high degree of professional trust when we work together. We truly treat one another as trusted colleagues, experts, and professionals with unique insights and experiences. We give one another the opportunity to fully leverage our experiences and insights to deliver results for our clients.”

– Howard Graham, Tenzing Expert Network