Hurricane Harvey




Tenzing Community Assists With Relief Efforts in Houston

In support of Feeding Texas, Tenzing is assisting with raising funds for ongoing relief and recovery efforts in the Houston area. Feeding Texas is part of the State Operations Team that coordinates relief efforts during and following disasters.  Every $1 Feeding Texas receives they will provide food and supplies to impacted families through their member food banks.



Over the last year, we have seen an increase in demand for interim leaders among our private-equity clients. Private-equity firms often need top-notch executives to support their portfolio companies, yet, those companies are sometimes too small to support a full-time executive, such as a CPO or a head of supply chain. Our private-equity clients are now deploying Tenzing interim executives on a shared basis across their portfolios, giving several smaller companies the benefit of senior talent while sharing the cost.

Bill Parr, recently completed an assignment as an Interim CPO. He found “the position to be valuable as it provides a unique opportunity to learn about a variety of companies across multiple sectors.”
Another recent interim CPO enjoyed the versatility and challenge the role offers. She shared that, “the position is both strategic and tactical; there are different needs across each portfolio company, it’s an exciting challenge finding the proper balance of keeping their goals at interest while also delivering the private-equity strategy." The interim role allows her to tap into the in-depth knowledge and resources gained from her hands-on experience across operations, supply chain, and procurement.
Recent interim leaders we've placed include Chief Procurement Officer, Vice President Supply Chain, Category Managers, Director of Procurement, Head of North American Procurement. 



For those of you who have worked with us from the beginning, it is hard to believe 15 years have passed since our founding. In a way, it means we are “established.” Interestingly, when we have shared this milestone with newer clients and colleagues, their reactions are different. They initially assume we are a new startup and are surprised by our longevity; they think our business model is a fresh new idea. We are, perhaps, a contradiction, but we believe ourselves to be the best of both worlds.  
In 2002, the idea of a virtual or networked business was novel. Few companies had tried it—let alone had succeeded at it. Most who succeeded moved on to more traditional brick-and-mortar or employee-based models. But we have maintained our commitment to fostering a strong network of independent experts who have proven to be a potent asset for our clients. In a very meaningful sense, we have become “experts on experts.”
Our results in the last three years are strong evidence that our commitment is paying off. Our Expert Network has tripled from about 250 to nearly 800 professionals worldwide. Our revenues have more than doubled. Most of this growth comes from clients “walking in the door.” Today, past clients calling us back, new clients who heard about us from someone else, and referrals from elite private-equity and strategy firms make up the majority of our business. This phenomenon makes us more committed than ever.
What makes this possible are the long-lasting relationships we have with you. People enter and depart our dynamic network constantly. But these relationships last throughout our professional lives.  Our colleagues become clients, and our clients become colleagues, and throughout this cycle, we remain trusted friends. Here are three connections with alumni that happened this morning while writing this Founders’ Forum:
  • An alumnus from 2006-2010 is currently an industrial CFO in Australia and called to have dinner while visiting Pittsburgh.
  • An alumnus from 2011-2014 called to tell us that he took a new VP of Procurement role at a national gaming company and will probably need our help in the near future.
  • Exchanged texts with an alumna from 2007-2014 on her birthday.
This kind of constant contact happens every day and continues to fuel our growth and sense of community.  
Thank you for making these last fifteen years the most rewarding and gratifying of our careers. We look forward to working and building friendships with all of you well beyond the next fifteen.

KARMA KORNER — Sharing moments touched by Tenzing Karma



We have all heard of karma. Tibetan Buddhism is practiced by the Sherpa people and karma is their belief that all of our actions, speech, and thoughts affect our future in ways we cannot predict or comprehend. At Tenzing Consulting, we have come to believe in Tenzing Karma, which is our way of interpreting the many inexplicably fortunate and just-plain-lucky things that happen to us at Tenzing.
 In this inaugural Karma Korner, I’d like to share a chance meeting I had two years ago at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere—the Pine Creek Tavern in Colorado. In the winter, you can only get there by cross-country skiing or horse-drawn sleigh. My friends and I stopped for lunch during a cross-country skiing excursion, and I noticed Nepalese dumplings, called momos, on the menu. I asked our server where the chef is from and she told me the chef is from Nepal and offered to introduce me. The chef is a woman named Sarala Sherpa. When we were introduced, Sarala was curious why a guest would want to meet her, but was gracious nonetheless.
I couldn’t help but tell her about our firm and how we named it, at which point a radiant smile illuminated her face. She was proud to tell me, and I was excited to learn, that her son’s name is Tenzing. I vowed to send her a Tenzing Consulting memento.
Two years later, I returned on another skiing trip and presented her some Tenzing logo gear. She was just as gracious as before…and the momos were amazing as always.


Tenzing was honored to sponsor Feeding Texas’ third annual Board Leadership Conference in conjunction with a gala dinner celebrating their 30th anniversary. Founders, Thom McLeod and Bill Angeloni along with Tenzing Expert Network Consultant, Pat Higgins and his wife Susan, shared in the gala festivities honoring Charles Butt and the H-E-B Grocery Company, “Celebrating 30 years of leadership for a hunger-free Texas”.


Tenzing sponsored both bi-annual Chief Procurement Officer Summits in Las Vegas and Atlanta where Founders Thom McLeod and Bill Angeloni; Cherina Pelissier, Marketing Lead; and Howard Graham, Tenzing Expert and Client Development Partner met one-on-one and networked with key procurement executives.  

Presenters at the Las Vegas summit included Helen Wang, Head of Global Procurement from Google [X] discussing “Solve For X:  The Art of Sourcing Emerging Technologies” and Stacey Taylor, SVP and CPO from MGM Resorts discussing “The Nuts and Bolts of Attaining Sustainable Cost Reductions.”

Kicking off the Atlanta summit was Walter Charles, Chief Procurement Officer, Biogen presenting “Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Drive Big Results”, while the Keynote Presenter was Don Hnatyshin, SVP, Chief Supply and Chief Procurement Officer, Jabil Circuit discussing “Driving Down Costs Through the Digitization of the Supply Chain” and Robert Burns, Director of Supply Chain and CI, General Dynamics Mission Systems sharing “General Dynamics Supply Chain Assessment and Transformation”. 

Consistent messages heard throughout the events was the emerging market for interim leaders. 

The Discrete Manufacturing CXO and Food & Beverage Manufacturing Summits were held simultaneously at The Drake Hotel in Chicago November 10th – 11th.  The primary objective of both Summits was to explore key aspects and issues related to manufacturing and operational best practices and their application as business drivers for innovation and growth.

The event kicked-off with an insightful presentation from Anthony Hoskins, Director of Manufacturing, Automatic Transmission Operations, Ford Motor Co. in which he shared key learnings on the manufacturing transition of the “crown jewel” Ford F-150 from steel body panels to aluminum and manual labor to robotic labor resulting in increased line efficiency and ROI.

To learn more about future speaking engagements and upcoming events, Follow Us on LinkedIn. 


On August 9th Tenzing Consulting Founder and Director, Bill Angeloni spoke to a group of well over 100 passionate participants at the TEDxSonomaCountySalon held at the Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, CA addressing the topic of Social Entrepreneurship.

In his presentation, Bill reflected on his experience as a "serial” entrepreneur, and how some of the lessons he’s learned applies to social entrepreneurship.  In particular, defining an investment return, and how this can be challenging in the social space.

Earlier this year, Tenzing had the privilege of being part of a project funded by a philanthropist with two social passions, 1.) how to stop hunger in the United States and 2.) how to stop waste, in this case, food waste.  The project allowed Tenzing to make our debut into social entrepreneurship.  The project team developed and implemented a game-changing supply chain strategy for food banks to get more and healthier meals by distributing mixed produce. 

The strategy, which went live in July, allows for receiving truckloads of bulk produce at a mixing center where it is broken into smaller portions more suitable for individual food banks. The food banks get greater variety and can produce healthier meals for their customers. 

Angeloni speaking


We are pleased to announce the expansion of our operations in Europe to better support our global clients and to expand our services and client opportunities in the region. Since 2002, our firm has served clients globally, and we continue to receive consulting requests from around the world. As a result of recent efforts, today our European team is more than 80 strong and growing. We have representation from 13 European countries, across 20+ industries, speaking over 15 languages. Our potential for growth across Europe is vast, and we will continue to increase the size of our Expert Network to provide deep expertise combining local knowledge with a global presence.

“The network effect at Tenzing is incredible. Not only do many of us enjoy longstanding professional relationships, we also bring the relationships we have with other experts and top tier consultants to the network. We have a high degree of professional trust when we work together. We truly treat one another as trusted colleagues, experts, and professionals with unique insights and experiences. We give one another the opportunity to fully leverage our experiences and insights to deliver results for our clients.”

– Howard Graham, Tenzing Expert Network